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Student’s Facilities


Library is the brain of an educational institution. It enhances the status and value of a College as well as of the teachers, students and researchers. Ours is a well-equipped library having a large number of Reference Books, Text Books, Scriptures and Journals. A number of Magazines, News Papers, Research Journals, Catalogues and News Letters enrich the reading room. There is separate cell/section for the teachers and research scholars in the library. Besides, it has a good stock of interesting and enlightening books on great world leaders, poets, historians and educationists. A number of books on biographies, auto-biographies, short stories and Jain Religion also decorate the shelves of our library.


To chisel the tastes and talents of the students, college organizes Annual Sports championship competitions for both boys and girls almost every year. Besides this various other game like Kabaddi, Volleyball, Cricket, T.T., Chess, Badminton, Kho-Kho, etc., are organized for students throughout the year. Best performers are rewarded.


N.S.S. is the most useful programme for student youths (both boys and girls) NSS has now become indispensable in the university education system. Under this scheme Students, called volunteers, do social service for 240 hours in the first two years of graduation and attend two special camps of 7 days duration each.


Our college has two NCC Coys which are highly beneficial for the students to generate the qualities of Social Service and National Integration in them.

The origin of NCC can be traced back to the 'University Corps', which was created under the Indian Defence Act 1917, with the object to make up the shortages of the Army. During the Independence movement, the leaders of our nation had realized the need to create a national level youth organization to train and groom young boys as responsible citizens and future leaders of our great country in all walks of life.

Cultural Activities

The principal has constituted a cultural committee in the college. In its guidance and supervision the students take part in different cultural programmes organized in the college and the university

Rewards & Scholarships

Deserving students with financial difficulties having immense potential and talent, are identified and rewarded with scholarships on a regular basis. Sports and extracurricular talent is given tremendous encouragement by awarding scholarships as a result of their outstanding contribution to their respective fields.

Career Counselling

Jain College has developed and implemented an effective system for continuous monitoring of every student's progress and for providing appropriate guidance for their betterment. Career counselling service is available to help students plan their academic activities as well as their future. College helps the students recognize and enhance their latent talents/potentials through regular counselling. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty members are available to guide them to match their ability and skills with their interests, and to help make the right choice of the specialization subjects.

College Magazine

Every year the college publishes a magazine under the title "Manisha"provide a platform for students to express themselves through various forms of writing like research articles, comments on current topics, creative writing& encourage freedom of expression and also provide a medium for exchange of thoughts and information.

Lab facilities

Labs play a very critical role in education. Almost every topic taught during lecture has a corresponding experiment.College has established well equipped and modern Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing & Painting & Home science labs to upgrade basic technological skills of the students. All the departments of college are equipped with state of the art laboratories and workshop to ensure that the students learn practical aspects of their courses.

Conference Room

The Conference Room at College provides facilities and services for academic meetings, seminars, events and corporate recruitment procedures. The room are fully air conditioned.

Auditorium Hall

The Auditorium is fully media equipped with HD Sound System. It has a capacity of 400 viewer seats and 25 stage seats. The hall is fully air conditioned.

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